Bernd Dörre appointed to Managing Director of EPAL

European Pallet Association e. V. (EPAL)


Bernd Dörre appointed to Managing Director of EPAL

The Board of the European Pallet Association (EPAL) has appointed Bernd Dörre to Managing Director of EPAL. He succeeds Christian Kühnhold who held the position with EPAL until 31st March 2021.

Düsseldorf, 03 September 2021 – Bernd Dörre has provided advice on the development of EPAL for more than 20 years. Over this period, the EPAL Euro pallet pool has become the largest open pallet exchange pool in the world. He initially worked as a lawyer for EPAL before supporting EPAL’s Board and management as a consultant since 2009.

“Bernd Dörre has in-depth knowledge of the pallet market and all the requirements of the EPAL Euro pallet pool. Over the years, he has provided expert advice to the EPAL Board and lead important EPAL projects,” explains Robert Holliger, EPAL President.

The further extension of the EPAL Euro pallet pool as an essential component of sustainable warehousing and transportation logistics will be a focal point of Bernd Dörre’s activities, as will the next step in the digitalisation of the EPAL Euro pallet pool.

“EPAL is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Throughout this time, EPAL and the EPAL National Associations have stood for environmentally- and climate-friendly use of high-quality, exchangeable EPAL pallets. In the coming years, we want to further extend the importance of the EPAL Euro pallet pool so that users can achieve their sustainability goals and to make the EPAL Euro pallet pool even easier to use, more effective and better for retail, industry and logistics,” Bernd Dörre explains.

Bernd Dörre is 54 years old, married, and has two children. His interests include art and he enjoys visiting galleries, museums and exhibitions.

About EPAL:

As an international association, the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) is responsible for organising the EPAL Euro pallet exchange pool. The EPAL Euro pallet pool is the largest open pallet exchange pool in the world and currently has over 600 million EPAL Euro pallets and approximately 20 million EPAL Box pallets in circulation. Founded in 1991 as an international association for exchangeable Euro pallets, EPAL is now active in more than 30 countries through national associations and representatives. More than 1,500 EPAL licensees produce and repair EPAL Euro pallets and other EPAL load carriers throughout the world. EPAL does not pursue a policy of economic gain. The central focus of EPAL’s activities is the quality assurance of the production and repair of EPAL Euro pallets and Box pallets as well as supporting the many users of the EPAL Euro pallet exchange pool. The EPAL Euro pallet exchange pool has been an archetype of a sustainable circular economy for over 30 years. The reuse, exchange, repair and recycling of EPAL Euro pallets demonstrates a responsible approach to the environment and resources. Wooden EPAL Euro pallets make an important contribution to protecting the climate by averting CO2 emissions. All over the world, the EPAL brand stands for quality, safety and sustainability in logistics.

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