First QR-coded EPAL Euro pallets in circulation

First QR-coded EPAL Euro pallets in circulation

The first EPAL Euro pallets with QR codes are already in use on the market as part of the EPAL project to develop intelligent pallets in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML. The aim of the EPAL project is to digitise the EPAL load carriers in the largest open pallet exchange pool. Marking with a QR code is an important step towards serialization of Euro pallets and further digitisation. Serialised, i.e. uniquely identified pallets were introduced to the market by Euro pallet users as part of the EPAL pilot projects where they are used as load carriers.

The QR code is printed on the right-hand block of the pallet using inkjet printing while the “EPAL in oval” logo is printed on the left-hand block. EPAL pallets printed with a QR code are independently quality tested and exchangeable without limitation.

If you encounter one of these QR-coded pallets or are interested in a pilot project, please email


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