Snap the Pallet: And the winner is ….

Snap The Pallet, the EPAL photo contest, has been running since December 2021 and is becoming a great success. After just one month, EPAL has received more than 100 photos featuring EPAL Euro pallets, sent in by participants from all over the world. Now the first winners have been announced:

The top prize (€1,000) goes to a photo from Turkey (see picture), other prizes (€100) go to France, Italy, Slovenia and Germany.


Claudia Töller, General Manager of EPAL and member of the jury that selected the winning photos: "The motifs of the pictures show the unlimited possibilities for using EPAL Euro pallets also beyond the world of logistics: furniture for indoors and outdoors, decoration, art or simply used to make life more practical and beautiful. There are no limits to the use of EPAL Euro pallets, just as the use and exchange of EPAL Euro pallets in logistics takes place beyond the borders of countries and continents."


EPAL congratulates the winners and thanks all participants. All photos can be seen on the Snap The Pallet website in the gallery. The photo contest will continue until the end of February 2022. Each month, one main prize winner (€1,000) and five additional winners (€100) will be awarded. At the end of the contest, a grand prize (€3,000) will be awarded.

EPAL is looking forward to many more photos with EPAL Euro pallets in original and beautiful situations. Photos can be easily uploaded on the Snap The Pallet website.